Review Process

Through its mission compatibility evaluation, the Clearinghouse consolidates the inputs of DOD branches, offices, and bases that conduct analyses to assess potential impacts on their missions. Offers informal review to identify potential issues early in the process and encourages all developers of an energy project, landowners, state and local officials, Tribal governments, and other Federal agencies to request a preliminary determination prior to filing a formal review.
  Reviews projects filed with the Federal Aviation Administration to identify and minimize potential conflicts.  Information on the full formal review process is available on the Clearinghouse website.
  Leads the Department’s interactions with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to ensure offshore energy compatibilityin both state and Federal waters.

Research and Development

Works to develop planning tools to analyze projects and impacts on military missions in existing and new development areas nationwide.

Stakeholder Engagement

Works with state, local, and tribal governments, and federal agencies
on legislative, regulatory, and administrative efforts and educates stakeholders about the process, relevant codes and legislation, and potential risks to national security.

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